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Nisku Business Park was established in the 1970s. It immediately became a booming centre and was reputed as being the world’s largest energy park. The National Energy Program of the early 1980s and the accompanying drop in oil prices, however, brought a severe economic downturn in the development of Nisku Business Park, which at the time was comprised mainly of oil and gas companies and related industries. Since 1985 however, Nisku Business Park has experienced steady growth; most recently that growth has turned into economic boom with many new and expanding companies competing for available space.

Today, Nisku Business Park is home to over 400 companies and is a vibrant centre of diversified industry. While energy sector companies remain an important part of Nisku, manufacturing and service industries have increased in number, creating new types of employment and giving the park a broader industrial base. It is estimated that between eight and ten thousand people work in Nisku Business Park, while twelve to fourteen thousand, inclusive of those in  the field, are paid by Nisku based companies. 

Many Nisku companies are doing business globally and are actively developing new products through research and development. Energy, manufacturing and service industries in Nisku compliment each other on a daily basis. The economic diversity and stability of Nisku Business Park, achieved in the 1990s, will carry the Park well in the 21st century and beyond.

*Nisku Business Park is located in Leduc County. For questions regarding planning and development, permits, taxation, or water service in Nisku Business Park, please contact the County office at 955-3555.

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